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Learn my new 3D floral technique, and up your game!

In this course, you will learn my 3D Floral Art technique. I have included 6 of my signature designs with intricate patterns that includes my 3D Roses. I will show you how to make these intricate 3D designs, variations in pigment consistency, different results achieved with pigment variations, and many tips along the way.

This course includes:

- 2 types of 3D Chrysanthemums

- 3D Roses 

- 3 types of 3D Round Petal Flowers

- To the point tutorial videos.

- Learn at your own pace.

Total duration of this course is 36 minutes.

NOTE: This course is non-refundable.

This course is for aspiring resin artists, who are aware of the resin basics. That includes, mixing ratios, temperature (72-75 degrees Fahrenheit), well-ventilated workspace, a 3M respirator to be used all the time while working with resin, nitrile gloves, etc. 

Materials list is provided in the course.

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